Yes. ACM has a fantastic Education Guidance team (applicants may know them from school as Learning Support) who help any students with specific learning needs eg dyslexia, dyspraxia, Aspergers etc. We recommend mentioning the support needed in the application, so EG can be there throughout the entire process as needed.

We also mention that it is understood that some applicants prefer to try to stand on their own two feet and might not speak to EG straight away. Of course this is fine, but if students begin to feel overwhelmed at any point throughout the course, they can approach EG.

Any applicants who did not receive Learning Support at school but feel they would benefit from talking to EG (for instance, being tested for dyslexia), should feel free to do so.

Education Guidance provide support in many areas, including Individual Academic study skills, Coursework and applications for the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)

In addition, ACM has a counselling service, which can be accessed by any student through the Student Relations Team. If students do not wish to discuss issues in person, students will have access to the Student Portal, which is an online communication tool, where you can message staff members.

A member of the Education Guidance team is available today in Rodboro reception.