If you want to fund your Degree studies at ACM by way of a Tuition Fee Loan and/or receive a Maintenance Loan to help you with living costs, you should apply for your Student Loan from the UK Government as soon as is practically possible, once they have opened their applications cycle for the year in question.

If you're somebody who is thinking about studying at ACM in the future, you don't need an offer of study from us in order to apply for a Student Loan. If you end up studying elsewhere, you can switch the study institution details over very easily at a later date, without it affecting the rest of your application.

If you're somebody who is already a student at ACM, remember that you must re(apply) for your Student Loan for every year that you're with us.

You can find out if the application cycle has opened in order to start your application at: https://www.gov.uk/apply-online-for-student-finance

If you are from England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, you can complete your application entirely online. Make sure that you have your Passport, ID, National Insurance number and bank details to hand. At the end of the application process, there is a page for you to print off, sign and post to the relevant Student Finance provider in your region. This piece of paper is crucial and without this, your student finance money will not be paid to you. You can log into your Student Finance online account to retrieve this form if you have not yet already sent it in.

If you are from elsewhere in Europe, you will need to complete a paper application process.  Forms can be found here.