If you've already been awarded a Degree elsewhere and you funded that Degree by way of a Student Loan, it won't be possible for you to receive an additional Student Loan to study at ACM from the UK Government.  

However, if you commenced your Degree studies elsewhere but did not complete your studies, it may be possible for you to receive funding to study at ACM, in whole or part.  Whether you get funding in whole or part depends on how long you studied at the other institution and what your reasons were for leaving.

You are normally entitled to funding for the standard length of your course plus one extra year.  Student Finance England often refer to this extra year as a gift year.  This means that most students who start studying in one institution and then decide to leave that institution in their first year and then recommence their studies at ACM afresh are able to have their studies at ACM fully funded. If you leave your original course in your second or third year, this could mean that the level of funding you will be provided with at ACM would be reduced.

There is an exception to this reduction. If you are have experienced Compelling Personal Circumstances, for example illness or bereavement (but other circumstances can be considered), Student Finance England may, at their discretion, award an extra funding to you. To be considered for extra funding, you will need to provide Student Finance England with evidence of the circumstances that caused you difficulties and ask them to consider your situation.