You are normally entitled to funding for the standard length of your course plus one extra year.  Student Finance England often refer to this extra year as a gift year.  The gift year can be used to fund a repeat year of study. During this year you continue to be eligible for all the loans you usually receive. 

In usual circumstances, a student is entitled to only one gift year.  There is an exception to this rule. If you are have experienced Compelling Personal Circumstances, for example illness or bereavement (but other circumstances can be considered), Student Finance England may, at their discretion, award extra funding to you. To be considered for extra funding, you will need to provide Student Finance England with evidence of the circumstances that caused you difficulties and ask them to consider your situation. You should do this once you have made your funding application for the repeat year of your course.

You can even apply for a CPR year retrospectively. For example, if you have already used your gift year to fund a repeat year but CPR issues caused the repeat, you can ask SFE to backdate a CPR year. If agreed, this would release your gift year. Your gift year can then be used to fund your current repeat year instead. This is very useful especially if you cannot provide CPR evidence for your repeat year.