If you are eligible for a Tuition Fee Loan, you will also be entitled to a Maintenance Loan. Maintenance Loans are there to help students with their living costs.

There is one notable exception in that EU students are not eligible for support from the UK Government towards living costs. Help may be available from your home country, by way of a separate applications process. 

If you are eligible for a Maintenance Loan, the amount of money available is means tested, based on your family income and a number of other factors. Mature students and/or those students who are living independently from their parents (in accordance with the definitions and conditions set out by the UK Government) can be assessed without their family income being taken into account. To see how much money you may be entitled to, head to the Student Finance Calculator at https://www.gov.uk/student-finance-calculator.

Students applying to study on accelerated programmes at ACM may be eligible for an additional sum called the ‘Long Course Loan’ as part of their Maintenance Loan. At the time of writing, the extra amounts add up to £825 per year (if residing with your parents during term time) or £1,260 per year (if you are living elsewhere during term time).