Find your course in Canvas.


On the course menu click ‘Assignments’.


Select the assignment you wish to submit to.


Click ‘Submit Assignment’.


At this point you need to collect the URL of the folder you have kept your assignment in.


Go to or select the ‘9 point squares’ in your Google Account and select ‘Drive’.


Find the folder or file you want to submit and right click.


Select ‘Get shareable link’ from the drop-down menu.


Make sure you turn ‘Link sharing’ on.


The setting option needs to say “Anyone with the Link” can view.


In order to change this click on the ‘Sharing settings’.


Click the drop-down menu and select ‘More’.


Select the option ‘On-Anyone with the link’.


This is vital for the smooth processing of your assessment.


Click ‘Save’.


Then ‘Copy link’.


Return to your Canvas submission point and paste the link in the ‘Website URL’ field provided.


Select ‘Submit assignment’.



Please check the ‘Submission details’ link on the Assignment page to make sure the website loads correctly.

If you need further help please refer to this video before contacting