ACM Universal Services

What is Universal Services?

It is a service available to all students to access at any time during their studies where referral is not required. Students will be educated via a number of communication avenues to maximise the overall benefit to students where singular avenues may limit engagement. 


Our approaches include:

  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Topic Specific Web Link
  • Events
  • Educational Presentations
  • Canvas Modules and Assessments
  • Posters
  • Educational Videos
  • Wellbeing and Awareness Weeks
  • Visiting Speakers


Topics covered through this service are designed to underpin Personal, Social, Health and Economic education that will benefit our students whilst studying at ACM but also thereafter. It is a service designed to align with the Academy of Contemporary Music’s Vision, Mission & Values:


Our Vision

ACM will incubate potential and talent, supporting the personalised development needs of our students to facilitate a structured path from education to employment.


We provide a safe and supported space where creative talent and imagination can flourish in a caring environment. Barriers to learning are identified through a holistic and person-centred approach to unlock the potential of the individual, enabling personal growth through professional and academic development. Our core aim is for our students to enjoy lifelong sustainable careers underpinned by applied learning and a specialist, cutting-edge curriculum.


Therefore, our vision is to not only be the leader in applied, industry-connected, creative arts education but to also be the leader in care and support for mental health and other traditional barriers to learning, thereby driving up the standards expected within higher and further education.


Our Mission

To provide an immersive student experience, with a curriculum which is connected to the industry in real-time, based on a learning by doing ethos. Our core aim is to build confidence and self-awareness, providing students with the skills necessary to recognise and take opportunities.


Ultimately our mission is to enable students to fulfil their potential and enjoy a sustainable career within the creative arts industry.

Our Values Are:


To empower individuals from diverse backgrounds, to maintain accessibility, and provide an inclusive organisational culture.


Supportive environments

To provide environments that support personal and professional development through a holistic approach and bring the benefits of the creative arts to the wider community.


Agility and innovation

To provide an inspiring organisational culture that embraces innovation through openness, flexibility, creativity and self-evaluation.



To recognise the benefits of working closely with industry and others, to embrace new technologies, and to provide meaningful opportunities, in order to enhance learning.


Professional and academically strong standards

To provide state of the art professional environments, to inspire determination and enthusiasm, and ensure high professional and academic standards.


Universal Services is a structure that seeks to promote widening participation, understanding of personal and emotional wellbeing and to equip students of ACM with the necessary life skills that will support them in the future. This is achieved within the current structures and frameworks of ACM and it is made up of four sections; Education, Events, Resources & External Support.  

Education & Resources

We deliver the ACM Pastoral Educational Program throughout the academic year. This program is focused on equipping students with a knowledge base that will benefit them throughout life through the development of personal, social, health and economic education. As part of the program we provide resources on specific topics via various media formats to maximise student engagement and we develop self help guides that students can access throughout their academic journey.

Events & External Support

We encourage student participation by signposting internal and external events, providing space for a visible presence of local and national charities / organisations and hosting campus wellbeing awareness days / weeks. This enables the students to benefit from a range of support throughout their studies which will aim to support their journey of self discovery, feelings of belonging and enriching their student experience whilst studying at ACM.