Universal Services Questions

  • What is Universal Services?
  • What are Awareness Weeks?
  • What societies run at ACM?
  • How do I get involved in running an ACM Society?
  • Who is leading ACM societies?
  • What does it mean to be a Student Society Lead?
  • What does it mean to be an ACM Society Member?

Universal Services Questions and Answers

Q. What is Universal Services?

A. It is a service available to all students to access at any time during their studies where referral is not required. Students will be educated via a number of communication avenues to maximise the overall benefit to students where singular avenues may limit engagement. 

Our approaches include:

  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Topic Specific Web Link
  • Events
  • Educational Presentations
  • Canvas Modules and Assessments
  • Posters
  • Educational Videos
  • Wellbeing and Awareness Weeks
  • Visiting Speakers

Topics covered through this service are designed to underpin Personal, Social, Health and Economic education that will benefit our students whilst studying at ACM but also thereafter. It is a service designed to align with the Academy of Contemporary Music’s Vision, Mission & Values.


Universal Services is a structure that seeks to promote widening participation, understanding of personal and emotional wellbeing and to equip students of ACM with the necessary life skills that will support them in the future. This is achieved within the current structures and frameworks of ACM and it is made up of four sections; 

Education, Events, Resources & External Support

Education & Resources

We deliver the ACM Pastoral Educational Program throughout the academic year. This program is focused on equipping students with a knowledge base that will benefit them throughout life through the development of personal, social, health and economic education. As part of the program we provide resources on specific topics via various media formats to maximise student engagement and we develop self help guides that students can access throughout their academic journey.


Events & External Support

We encourage student participation by signposting internal and external events, providing space for a visible presence of local and national charities / organisations and hosting campus wellbeing awareness days / weeks. This enables the students to benefit from a range of support throughout their studies which will aim to support their journey of self discovery, feelings of belonging and enriching their student experience whilst studying at ACM.


Q. What are Awareness Weeks?

A. Student Services run regular Health and Wellbeing Weeks on each campus. These involve activities, guests and information that focus on promoting positive wellbeing across our campuses. Look out for the latest information and guest line-ups which will be advertised around campus.

ACM Awareness Weeks:

National Sexual Health Week (September)

This week aims to bring awareness to sexual health. Throughout the week ACM will signpost local Sexual Health Clinics and welcome in professionals from these clinics to have a presence on campus.


Postural Awareness Week (October)

This week focused attention on posture awareness, presenting information to students on how best to look after themselves and encouraging them to maintain better posture so not cause injury in later life, something that could negatively impact their future career opportunities.

National Chocolate Week (November)

This event is a socialising opportunity to encourage students to meet like minded creatives and develop new relationships after a month of being a part of the ACM community.

Each campus is bought a chocolate fountain, marshmallows and fruit to host at the hub, reception or student areas within their campuses.


ACM Seasonal Vulnerabilities (December)

This week raised awareness of difficulties some people may face when approaching the festive period. We offer numerous resources with information relating to relationship struggles, substance misuse, poverty, homelessness and loneliness.


ACM New Year New You (January)

This week promotes ideas for a healthy lifestyle, leaving behind unhealthy lifestyle choices of the previous year and planning healthy ones for the year ahead.


ACM Valentines (February)

This week aims to build awareness of what a healthy relationship looks like. It will put focus on signs of abuse and how to find support.


Equality & Diversity Awareness Week (March / April)

Equality and diversity is an important topic that affects the whole of society. No-one should be discriminated against due to their social standing, faith / belief, sexual orientation, gender or race. 

Laws and government acts protect us from prejudicial judgment, we all have the same rights which are only slightly affected should we ever be linked to illegal activity. We have every right to challenge someones decision should it not sit well with us.

We all have a duty to make sure everyone in society is treated with respect and given the same opportunities that we have been given regardless of where they come from, if their views are different from us or if we agree with their way of life.

This week brings awareness to the need for Equality and Diversity across society and the Music Industry.


National Mental Health Week (May)

This week aims to promote Mental Health Awareness by encouraging students and staff to be open with each other, be it with friends, family or colleagues, about their mental health. We seek to encourage this for the positive benefits it will bring.


National Volunteers Week(June)

This week seeks to encourage students to engage in volunteering of local and national charities or organisations. This is to support students in gaining work experience that will strengthen their CV’s for the future.


Q. What is the Pastoral Development Education?

A. The key focus of this program is to provide our students with support throughout their educational journey for the following key areas:

  • Government Contest Strategy - Prevent Education & Promoting British Values
  • Substance Misuse Education
  • Sex and Relationship Education
  • Healthy Lifestyles and Choices
  • Equality and Diversity Initiative
  • Economic Wellbeing and Financial Capability
  • Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health
  • Careers Advice

The above topics are delivered through a variety of platforms:

  • Pastoral Education Timetabled Presentations / Workshops by internal and external speakers
  • Events, Awareness & Wellbeing Days / Weeks
  • Topic specific Canvas Modules
  • Resources - QR Codes, Web Links, Videos & Posters
  • Visible presence of local charities and organisations on campus

Students of Further Education have the topics presented during timetabled lessons, this is as a result of Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE) becoming 'an important and necessary part of all students' education throughout the country, PSHE education is compulsory in independent educational establishments from 2020.

Students of Higher Education are given the opportunity to attend workshops of the same presentations so as not to interfere with their timetabled lessons.

The Pastoral Development Education forms one part of a structure associated with Universal Services.

Q. What societies run at ACM?

A. The ACM Societies are as follows:

Guildford Campus

5 Aside Football - footballgfd@acm.ac.uk

Movie / Cinema - moviegfd@acm.ac.uk

LGBTQ+ - lgbtqgfd@acm.ac.uk

Dance Society - dancegfd@acm.ac.uk

Musical Theatre Society - jazzhandsgfd@acm.ac.uk 

Supporting Women in Music Society - supportwomengfd@acm.ac.uk

Gaming Society - gamesgfd@acm.ac.uk


Birmingham Campus

5 Aside Football - footballbrm@acm.ac.uk

Movie / Cinema - moviebrm@acm.ac.uk

Gaming Society - gamesbrm@acm.ac.uk


Clapham Campus

5 Aside Football - footballldn@acm.ac.uk

BCrew Function Band - bcrewldn@acm.ac.uk

Gaming Society - gamesldn@acm.ac.uk

Broadcasting Society - broadcastldn@acm.ac.uk 

Christian Union - christldn@acm.ac.uk

African Caribbean Society - acsldn@acm.ac.uk

Supporting Women in Music Society - supportwomenldn@acm.ac.uk

Gospel Choir - gospelchoirldn@acm.ac.uk


ACM Society Descriptions:

5 Aside Football (Guildford, Clapham & Birmingham)

Regular monthly games for all abilities and all genders. At £2 per game it is a great place to play footie with like minded students, meet new people and network in the local community. 


Movie / Cinema (Guildford)

Monthly films chosen by you via social media voting presented on campus all for free, bring your snacks and chill out with your mates whilst watching classics, new releases as well the occasional anime feature for good measure.


LGBTQ+ (Guildford)

ACM fully supports our LGBTQ+ community, this society is just one of many ways in which we do. Join in local events, design and host your own or just join to get to know other students within this community.


Dance Society (Guildford)

ACM is full of creative people, staff and students. We love to celebrate creativity and what better way than to join our Dance society. For more information on this society or if you would like to start on at your campus please email the address above.


Musical Theatre Society (Guildford)

If you love Musical Theatre this society is clearly for you, with great relationships to local theatres and venues ACM have a variety of musicals, professional or amatuer to choose from. If that wasn't enough, we will also host regular open mic nights.


Supporting Women in Music Society (Guildford, Clapham & Birmingham)

ACM seeks to lead the industry in highlighting the equality differences between male and female artists, through this society we seek to promote and support all our female artists in planning and attending their performances.


BCrew Function Band (Clapham)

ACM Clapham’s very own function band play regular gigs throughout the year, if you would like to be a part of this function band contact the email address above. This is a place to host cross disciplined events, provide opportunities for business students and creatives and where students can seek advice and support on their interests within the Music Industry.


Gaming Society (Guildford, Clapham & Birmingham)

If computer games are your thing then sign up to the gaming society. Due to the nature of online gaming we will also host at various times of the year inter campus competitions.


Broadcasting Society (Clapham)

ACM Clapham’s Broadcasting society brings good music and great interviews to the fingertips and ears of every student through ACM Clapham Radio, podcasts and live streaming. Get involved with like- minded students from designing the onscreen avatars, timers and titling to presenting.


Christian Union (Guildford, Clapham & Birmingham)

Should you enjoy spending time with the Christian community then this society will be a great place to meet like minded students, enjoy opportunities to worship collectively and visit local churches and speakers.


Gospel Choir (Clapham)

The gospel choir is a great place for all students, whether on performance degrees or not to join together and sing uplifting songs. Learn how to harmonise and work as a team to master arrangements.


African Caribbean Society (Clapham)

All students are welcome to join in the celebration and engagement with Afro-Caribbean contributions to music and entertainment. Get involved through live events, talks and trips.


Q. How do I get involved in running an ACM Society?

A. If you are keen on supporting the running of an ACM Society then send an email via the email address above for more information.


Q. Who is leading ACM societies?

A. An ACM member of staff will take overall lead of individual societies, they will be the point of contact for the student lead who will liaise on proposals of events, activities and visits. The staff lead will request funding and monitor membership and attendance.


Q. What does it mean to be a Student Society Lead?

A. This is a great opportunity that looks good on a student’s CV. Students will have the ability to state that they have led a society, project managed events and have experience of working well within a team.

Perks and responsibilities of being the Student Societies Lead:

  • Discount for all events and activities led by their society
  • Monthly check in with the society staff lead
  • Write proposals for events they would like ACM to run
  • Liaise with their society members for future event ideas
  • Monitor the spending of their society
  • Ability to fundraise for future events or local charities
  • Liaison with their society’s local chosen charity


Q. What does it mean to be an ACM Society Member?

A. For a small subscription fee of £3 for the whole academic year (September - July) students will receive the following:

  • A Welcome pack:

    • Society Badge
    • Society Information Booklet
    • Society Membership Card
  • Early bird notification of activities and events
  • Entry to Society specific events 
  • Reduced Rates for specific activities / events run by the society

ACM Student Services FAQ's