On your Canvas homepage click 'Account' on the left hand side.

Then click 'Notifications'.

The 'Notification preferences' page will open.

Each notification is set to a default preference. To change a notification for a contact method, locate the notification and click the icon for your preferred delivery type.

To receive a notification right away, click the 'Checkmark' icon. These notifications may be delayed by up to one hour in case an instructor makes additional changes, which prevents you from being spammed by multiple notifications in a short amount of time.

To receive a daily notification, click the 'Clock' icon.

To receive a weekly notification, click the 'Calendar' icon. The date and time of your weekly notifications are posted at the bottom of the notifications page.

If you do not want to receive a notification, click the 'Remove' icon.

Note: Note: You are responsible for keeping up to date with your programme and module information, so cutting off your primary means of communication with us will probably result in adverse consequences.

ACM staff cannot be held responsible for your decision to not be alerted to communications.