Q. What societies run at ACM?

A. The ACM Societies are as follows:

Guildford Campus

5 Aside Football - footballgfd@acm.ac.uk

Movie / Cinema - moviegfd@acm.ac.uk

LGBTQ+ - lgbtqgfd@acm.ac.uk

Dance Society - dancegfd@acm.ac.uk

Musical Theatre Society - jazzhandsgfd@acm.ac.uk 

Supporting Women in Music Society - supportwomengfd@acm.ac.uk

Gaming Society - gamesgfd@acm.ac.uk


Birmingham Campus

5 Aside Football - footballbrm@acm.ac.uk

Movie / Cinema - moviebrm@acm.ac.uk

Gaming Society - gamesbrm@acm.ac.uk


Clapham Campus

5 Aside Football - footballldn@acm.ac.uk

BCrew Function Band - bcrewldn@acm.ac.uk

Gaming Society - gamesldn@acm.ac.uk

Broadcasting Society - broadcastldn@acm.ac.uk 

Christian Union - christldn@acm.ac.uk

African Caribbean Society - acsldn@acm.ac.uk

Supporting Women in Music Society - supportwomenldn@acm.ac.uk

Gospel Choir - gospelchoirldn@acm.ac.uk


ACM Society Descriptions:

5 Aside Football (Guildford, Clapham & Birmingham)

Regular monthly games for all abilities and all genders. At £2 per game it is a great place to play footie with like minded students, meet new people and network in the local community. 


Movie / Cinema (Guildford)

Monthly films chosen by you via social media voting presented on campus all for free, bring your snacks and chill out with your mates whilst watching classics, new releases as well the occasional anime feature for good measure.


LGBTQ+ (Guildford)

ACM fully supports our LGBTQ+ community, this society is just one of many ways in which we do. Join in local events, design and host your own or just join to get to know other students within this community.


Dance Society (Guildford)

ACM is full of creative people, staff and students. We love to celebrate creativity and what better way than to join our Dance society. For more information on this society or if you would like to start on at your campus please email the address above.


Musical Theatre Society (Guildford)

If you love Musical Theatre this society is clearly for you, with great relationships to local theatres and venues ACM have a variety of musicals, professional or amatuer to choose from. If that wasn't enough, we will also host regular open mic nights.


Supporting Women in Music Society (Guildford, Clapham & Birmingham)

ACM seeks to lead the industry in highlighting the equality differences between male and female artists, through this society we seek to promote and support all our female artists in planning and attending their performances.


BCrew Function Band (Clapham)

ACM Clapham’s very own function band play regular gigs throughout the year, if you would like to be a part of this function band contact the email address above. This is a place to host cross disciplined events, provide opportunities for business students and creatives and where students can seek advice and support on their interests within the Music Industry.


Gaming Society (Guildford, Clapham & Birmingham)

If computer games are your thing then sign up to the gaming society. Due to the nature of online gaming we will also host at various times of the year inter campus competitions.


Broadcasting Society (Clapham)

ACM Clapham’s Broadcasting society brings good music and great interviews to the fingertips and ears of every student through ACM Clapham Radio, podcasts and live streaming. Get involved with like- minded students from designing the onscreen avatars, timers and titling to presenting.


Christian Union (Guildford, Clapham & Birmingham)

Should you enjoy spending time with the Christian community then this society will be a great place to meet like minded students, enjoy opportunities to worship collectively and visit local churches and speakers.


Gospel Choir (Clapham)

The gospel choir is a great place for all students, whether on performance degrees or not to join together and sing uplifting songs. Learn how to harmonise and work as a team to master arrangements.


African Caribbean Society (Clapham)

All students are welcome to join in the celebration and engagement with Afro-Caribbean contributions to music and entertainment. Get involved through live events, talks and trips.