We have a visible presence in the reception area of all ACM campuses, where members of the Student Services Team are on hand to assist and advise students on a diverse range of issues that include:

  • Managing the transition from home to student life
  • Being separated from family and friends
  • Networking to make new friends and contacts
  • Improving confidence and motivation
  • Balancing study with employment or being a parent/carer
  • Handling stress, anxiety, sleeping or eating difficulties
  • Academic coursework/ dissertation support
  • Communicating in a language in which you are not fully fluent

Drop-in Support: Students can drop by the Student Services Hub to speak to a member of our team or to book an appointment to speak with a member of staff.

Wellbeing Advisors: Students can be referred for support with our Wellbeing Advisors. They offer practical help and specialise in the following areas:

  • Improving lifestyle choices (including addiction issues)
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Strategies to help cope with anxiety (including performance anxiety)

Counselling Service: 

This service offers up to 10 sessions with a trained Counsellor with whom students can discuss issues that are troubling them in a safe, supported and confidential environment. This service is completely free.

Assessment Submission Assistance: 

Students having issues in submitting their work to a deadline can voice this to Student Services. Our team is able to walk through the submission process and fix any problems the student may have in submitting.

Extra Academic Support: 

Our team can set up tutorials with relative tutors and book rooms to help students with their work. Based on the students progress and attendance, Student Services can add extra tutorial/room credits.

Financial Advice: 

We offer advice on managing money, budgeting, travel bursaries and applying for student hardship loans. We can also set up meetings with the Finance Department to discuss more complex financial concerns such as student loans.

Accommodation Advice: 

We provide information on accommodation lettings for prospective and current students, including those arriving from outside the area, and organise networking events to welcome them to ACM.

Careers Advice: 

CV Clinics, for students to receive tips, advice and guidance on CV writing and interview skills. We can also help with finding work experience, or identifying volunteering opportunities.

Student JobShop: 

Students can find out about local part-time job opportunities and receive free advice on finding work to support their studies.

National Insurance Cards for EU Students

If you are an EU student and require a National Insurance Card, contact Direct Gov on 0845 600 0643 or by visiting their website. They will make you an appointment at your local Job Centre who will check your details are correct. If they are, then the application will be processed in the usual way completely free of charge.

Contact us: studentsupport@acm.ac.uk