To send an outbound email, go to 'New' dropdown on the right corner of the helpdesk > New Email (from the icon next to the agent profile picture):

This will open up a compose email page where you can send out emails. Here is a list of all the fields that you will need to fill out while you do this.  

  • From address - Please choose your department's email address from the drop down list to ensure when the recipient responds, it will return to the correct department.
  • To address - The recipient of the email can be an existing or a new one. New email addresses will be added as contacts automatically. (Please note that you cannot send an email to more than one recipient currently. If you enter multiple email addresses in the 'To' field, only the first email address will receive the email.)
  • CC - You can CC any number of existing/new contacts.
  • Subject - The email will not be sent out without a subject. This will be the subject of the ticket created through this email. 
  • Email body - You can format the content of the email and add images if necessary. The agent signature can also be modified in the email body. 
  • Properties - Once you hit send, Freshdesk will send the email and also convert this conversation into a ticket. So the compose page will have the ticket properties too.

By default, the ticket will be marked as Closed and assigned to the agent sending the email. This makes sure that SLA timers aren't running unnecessarily on an outbound ticket. Once you send the email, you will be taken to the corresponding ticket. 

Once the recipient responds to the email, is appended to the ticket and the Status is changed to Open.