If you receive your results, and you feel there has been a material error in the way in which the assessment or marking was carried out, or your performance was impacted by extenuating circumstances, you may wish to submit an Academic Appeal. You will find details of what circumstances normally constitute grounds for appeal in ACM's Academic Appeals policy here: www.acm.ac.uk/policies

You can submit a formal appeal up to 21 working days after you receive your grades. Before you can submit your formal appeal, you should seek any further clarification on the grade from the tutor first. You can find attached the Academic Appeals Policy and the form you need. Please read through the policy carefully as it explains what would normally be considered to be grounds for an appeal. 
For example, you cannot appeal a grade on the grounds of challenging academic judgement (e.g. a student appealing because they believe their work deserves a higher mark would be a challenge of the academic judgement of the marker). However, if you believe there was a material error in the way in which the assessment was managed and marked (e.g. a student has reasonable adjustments and shouldn't be marked on spelling and grammar, and the marker alludes to spelling and grammar in the feedback) then you could appeal on those grounds. 

If you do decide to go ahead with an appeal;
- Complete the attached form and send it to appeals@acm.ac.uk 
- Please note that, upon submission of an appeal, ACM has 21 working days to issue a resolution. 

See ACM's Academic Appeals Policy for full details.