Contact the Safeguarding Team:

You can do this in a wide variety of ways:

  • In person: Pop to one of our student hubs and ask them to contact a member of the safeguarding team for you

  • Calling: 01483 910197

Safeguarding Do's 

Educate Yourself

  • Identify who the Designated Safeguarding Lead is on campus
  • Understand who the wider safeguarding team are 


Respond Immediately 

  • Report any issues or concerns to the safeguarding team
  • You can contact the team by emailing - 


Be Safe 

  • Keep yourself safe at all times 
  • Safeguard Yourself & Others
  • Implement professional boundaries and following good/positive working practice 
  • Password protect your laptop / PC / Mac / mobile phone 

Always Listen

  • It's very important you listen carefully to what any individual has to say without interrupting, listening is key as you can capture important information


Be Impartial 

  • Remain calm, approachable and receptive take all concerns seriously and follow the appropriate procedure 
  • Remember It Could Happen To Anyone
  • ALL individuals, no matter what background can suffer from any type of abuse and that an abuser is often known to them

Safeguarding Don'ts

Do NOT Investigate concerns yourself

  • Do not try and resolve any safeguarding concern yourself this is the role of the Safeguarding Team

Do NOT Ignore or Dismiss Individuals 

  • Always make the time to listen, never tell any individual to come back later if they want to make a disclosure 

Do NOT Follow Poor Practice

  • React in a professional way, do not look shocked or in a distasteful manner when an individual discloses information to you 
  • Do not speculate or make negative comments
  • Keep concerns about others to yourself, only inform the appropriate team (safeguarding team)
  • Do not delay in reporting the disclosure to the Safeguarding team.
  • Do not examine an Individual yourself or take any photographs of injuries that are reported to you
  • Do not ask leading or probing questions

Never Make Promises 

  • You cannot make promises to any individual, the likelihood is that you won't be able to honour it. 
  • YOU have a duty of care to report any safeguarding concerns to the safeguarding team if anyone is at risk of harm or if you have concerns regarding their welfare.

Never Assume

  • Everyone that works with children, young people or vulnerable individuals is safe and will do them no harm.
  • If you are in any doubt report straight to the DSL or wider safeguarding team 


Note: Any member of staff or volunteer who does not feel confident to raise their concerns to Directors or a member of the Leadership Team or does not feel that their concerns about a colleague have been taken seriously should contact the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) directly:

ACM Guildford - 0300 470 9100

ACM Clapham - 0208 871 7440

ACM Birmingham - 0121 675 1669