You can log in to Zoom via the computer/desktop website, or the Zoom app. 

Please note: You won't require a password for Zoom, as your log in is connected to your Google account. Providing you can sign in to your ACM Google account, you'll be able to sign in with Google on Zoom. 

See below for instructions:

Log in via computer/desktop

You can speed up the login process by first signing in to your ACM Gmail account.

Follow the instructions below to log in to Zoom:

2. Select the "Sign in" button in the top right corner
3. Your Zoom account is connected to your ACM Google account. Select the "Google" option to continue (See screenshot)
4. Select your ACM Gmail account to continue
5. You should now be logged in to Zoom

Log in via Zoom app

2. Select the "Download" button under "Zoom Desktop Client" (See screenshot)
3. Your download should start at the bottom of your screen. With decent Internet speed, this should take less than 1 minute.
4. Follow the instructions on screen to set up
5. A pop up window should appear asking you to sign in. Select the “Google” option to continue, and choose your ACM Gmail.
6. You should now be logged in to Zoom.

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Any issues, please contact the Digital Education department. You can reach us here: